The Future of Internet

Net Neutrality in UK

Posted in Regulation by markpeak on 27 มิถุนายน 2010

Ars Technica มีบทความเรื่อง Ofcom กับ Net Neutrality ในอังกฤษ

ยังไม่มีความชัดเจนอะไรนัก แต่ Ofcom เริ่มลงมาดูเรื่องนี้แล้ว (PDF)

แนวคิด 3 ส่วนของ Ofcom = ผู้ใช้ – ISP – content provider

The two sides consist of consumers purchasing internet connectivity on the one hand, and content, applications and service providers on the other. ISPs allow consumers to access content, applications and services, and the latter to access consumers. In theory, this should be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Satisfying the demand of each side depends in part on the participation of the other. For example, consumers would value internet connectivity more highly the more content and applications they can access. Similarly the value content providers find in offering online services increases with consumer internet take-up as it offers them a chance to reach larger numbers of consumers.

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