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NYT มียอดสมาชิก Paywall เกิน 100,000 ราย

Posted in Online Media by markpeak on 23 เมษายน 2011

จาก AllThingsD

The New York Times says digital subscriptions “have surpassed 100,000″, less than a month after the publisher put up its Web paywall.

บทวิเคราะห์อ่านได้จาก VentureBeat

Unfortunately for the NYT, making $20 million in a year from its subscription plan is a drop in the financial bucket: the company’s operating costs for its News Media Group, which includes the New York Times and the Boston Globe, were $500 million for the first quarter alone. Even if the subscription plan hits its goal of 300,000 subscribers, it will only generate about $60 million in revenue, which is barely enough to move the needle for a company of the NYT’s size — and that’s not including the cost of implementing the wall in the first place.



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